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Subterranean Termite

The termites are also called as “White ants”. These are social insects coming from insect order ISOPTERA (equal and identical wings) living in a colony comprising Queen, king, workers and soldiers. The colonies of subterranean termites are located in the soil.

Their basic food being anything containing cellulose, in search of food they gain entry into the buildings. Each termite colony has millions of individual members.


9 Facts about Termite
Termites use pheromones (chemicals) to communicate with each other.
These pheromones are different from one colony to another colony.
Termites are beneficial to our soil. They assist in the decomposition of plant fibres and
assist in the recycling of decaying plant material.
Termites play an important role in keeping vegetation and forests in good condition;
their tunnelling actions improve the composition of the soil.
Termites feed off the fungi of decaying plant material, digesting the cellulose
with the help of the microorganisms that thrive in their gut.
Termite workers and soldiers are blind, although the females that produce the young once are not.
The females need eyesight because they need to fly in search of mates, and they need to be mobile to find nests.
Kings and queens are born with wings so that the young queen and king can fly away from the nest to search for a mate.
The soldiers warn the colony of pending danger by banging their heads against walls
causing vibrations that sound the alarm to the rest of the colony.
Termites eat faeces of each other, although these actions form important gut bacteria
that play a major role in the decomposition of plant matter. The process is referred to as trophallaxis.
Even though termites use the trophallaxis for their gut bacteria,
but they also groom each other which help them to prevent any microbes infestation.

How do we protect and eliminate termite out of the area.

1. Pre-construction termite control
Our professional service technician will create a termiticide barrier underground cover the area of the land. Treatment lasts long for 3-5 years.

2. Post-construction termite control
Our expert will do the site risk assessment and spot the risk of termite infestation location to drill and inject termiticide or place termite baiting to eliminate them out of your house.

What Cannon Pest Management can offer to Control Termites
Cannon Pest Management professionals carried out proper inspection with inspection kit to find out
the area of infestation and recommend proper control measures for termites. 

Based on inspection findings they suggest the best ways to get rid of termites which is either chemical treatment or termite baiting technique.

Chemical Treatment/Injection
Our expert termite control team drills into the foundation from the outside wall of the building with a specifically sized drill bit
at 1.0 – 1.5 meters interval all around outside building wall.

Then we pump liquid anti-termite pesticides into the holes. The pesticides are safe and will not cause health problems for humans or animals.

Once the holes have been filled with pesticide, we seal them with cement. This process destroys termite colonies and all termite activity in the building immediately.

Termite Baiting Technique
EXTERRA termite baiting system is using to control termite infestation, which is low toxic, eco-friendly tool The stations are placed around your property to intercept termites.

Once termite activity is found on intercepted, REQUIEM, termite bait is added to the station without disturbing the termites. The hungry termites feed on the REQUIEM and the colony is eliminated.

When termite activity is noticed inside the building above-ground stations are the preferred approach. REQUIEM is placed in the safe and sealed Station when it is installed. After the termite colony is eliminated, the Above-ground Stations are removed.

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