Pest Bird Prevention Solution

Pest Bird such as pigeon, sparrow and Myna, can prove to be problematic and can be the cause of much damage to product & property and also responsible for carrying a wide range of pests and diseases 

Pest Bird Prevention Solution suitable for a manufacturer, warehouse, and retail shop. 100% safety with non-usable of chemical. Installation by bird expert with annual warranty. Get FREE survey from our expertise nationwide.

Problems associated with Pest Birds

Contaminate or damage your product – Bird droppings, Nest material can contaminate or damage your valuable product.
Corrosion - Bird dropping is acidic in nature which accelerates Corrosion of the steel. Bird dropping is falling on machinery, roof truss etc. If it is not regularly cleaned, then it can cause Corrosion of steel.
Health hazard - Birds are known to transfer more than 60 human diseases. In the plant, there are several people involved in operation/work. They may come across bird droppings and nest materials.
Insects and Mites problems - Bird droppings and nest materials are good sources of Insects and Mites which can contaminate/damage your product. Also, they are bloodsuckers which can be a problem to the people in work.
Increase cleaning cost – Regular cleaning of the nest, nest materials, bird droppings (which is very hard to clean after dried) increase the cleaning cost. -Slippery floors due to wet droppings
Concerns on food safety audit like GMP, ISO, HACCP etc.

What Cannon Pest Management Can Offer To Prevent Pest Birds

Prevention is always better than cure: So Cannon Pest Management provides below preventive tools to avoid Pest Bird infestation at your premises.

• Bird netting system
• Bird spikes system
• Bird track system
• Bird repellent gel

Advantages of Bird Netting System:
1. Effective for all kind of pest birds which create physical barrier at targeted area from birds roosting or nesting.
2. Cover small as well as big areas and provide protection at many perching places like a number of angles and channels of the trusses and the gaps between the roof and the trusses.
3. Virtually invisible when installed correctly. 
4. Made up of Polyethylene, chemically inert and can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. It is resistant to attack by insects, bacteria and fungi.

Net shall be attached to the complete corrosive resistance suspension system.

Advantages of Bird Spike System:
1. Upward-pointing metal spikes provide a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing and gaining access to the ledge.
2. The Bird Spike don’t hurt birds due to tips are blunt.
3. Steel points in polycarbonate bases which provide long-lasting life.
4. A discreet, economic and long-lasting solution against pigeons

Why Cannon Pest Management?
Our expert will do the Site Risk Assessment to offer you the protection treatment from bird infestation ensuring that
our solutions are conducted in a safely manner.


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