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Cannon Pest Management offers advanced Cockroaches and Ants Management Service wherein the highly potent active ingredient
is applied to control these creatures from your premises. Cockroaches are perhaps the most common household pests.
Apart from being a nuisance, they can cause contamination and respiratory illness in humans they also transmit
various diseases and damage property by chewing on or soiling bookbinding, Fabric and materials.

German Cockroach (Blatella germanica)

They are light brown or tan in colour with two parallel black streaks running vertically on the shield which covers the head. Adults are 12-15mm long, with females being larger than males. Unlike other cockroaches, the female German roach protects her eggs by carrying them around in an egg-case or Ootheca which produces 30-48 young once (nymphs) at a time. Nymphs are resembling the adults and are uniformly dark, except for a light brownish area in the middle of the body. Adults usually live up to 3-4 months.


American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

Insect; Adult: small, dark, fuzzy, moth-like, about 2-3 mm long. Adults are weak fliers. Eggs are laid in filth or grease accumulating on sides of drains and pipes, larvae develop and feed on organic matter and microscopic plants that grow in the filth. Adults emerge after 1-2 weeks. Adults are often found clinging to walls of damp areas in bathrooms and kitchens. They are weak fliers, flying only a few feet at a time. They do not bite and are usually active at night. They cause annoyance and are perhaps the most common insect inhabitant of sewage treatment plants.


Brown Banded Cockroach
(Supella longipalpis)

Generally, looks similar to the German roach, pale brown in colour, except for the light coloured bands running horizontally across the wing base and abdomen. Adults are 13-14.5 mm long; females are larger and darker than males. Each egg case (ootheca) contains about 18 eggs which hatch after about 50-75 days. Nymphs resemble the adults but are darker. Adults can live up to 10 months.



Ants are close relatives of bees and wasps. They are social insects and live in colonies. They are familiar insects that are easily recognized, especially in their common wingless adults forms, known as workers. Several species of ants commonly live in lawns and ornamental plantings of trees and shrubs in and around our home, offices and buildings. Winged ants are frequently confused with swarming termites.

However, ants and termites are not related. Ants feed on sugars, syrups, honey fruit juice, fats and meat which they find in human habitation. Workers out in search of food form long trails which lead back to the nest. Ants are also attracted to sweet, sticky secretions, or honeydew (which is secreted by mealybugs, sucking pests that can attract household plants). They can bite with their mandible (jaws) and certain species such as red ants inflict painful bites. Fire ants have a painful sting that can cause severe allergy. Ants can also cause contamination hazards by their presence on production floors, raw materials and finished goods store.

Way to Get Rid of Cockroach and ant Infestation form your premises
The most common steps to take to prevent cockroaches is

- always to keep your home clean and to ensure your environment is clutter-free.
- Keep all surfaces where food is prepared pristinely clean and store all food in airtight containers
  to prevent attracting insects, rodents and cockroaches, especially if you live in a humid climate.

- Prevention is better than cure. Putting food, including pet food, away is a step in the right direction.
- Ensure that cracks in walls and any gaps on the sides of doors and windows are sealed.
- Ensure the food you buy at the supermarket is free of insects, too.

What Cannon Pest Management can offer to control Cockroaches and Ants

The treatment comprises the use of baiting technology that provides maximum efficacy against target insects and minimum impact on human activity. The gel bait is a low dose technology requiring tiny size application of the bait. This technique is supplemented with liquid pesticide formulations and will be applied as crack and crevice, residual spot spray. The complete combination of chemicals used in this service more effective than conventional spraying methods. To check the service effectiveness and monitoring of pest infestation, we also use attractant based monitoring traps which provide clear pest indication as well as work at the control agent. This treatment can be carried out during working hours, and there is no disturbance to you.


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