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Bed bugs can be the most annoying creatures as they are extremely tiny and difficult to spot. While they do not spread diseases in humans but they can create a massive nuisance due to bites at night. Bed bug bites are usually in patterns like a line, circle or within a certain area of your body since they are small and travel slowly.

Problems associated with Bed Bugs

The bites of bed bug cause irritation and loss of sleep for some people, while others are totally oblivious to their presence. Bed bugs are not usually considered to be disease carriers, however, the disgusting odour associated with them causes a feeling of loathing.

Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius)

is a cosmopolitan pest that is often in human habitation. Adults are oval, wingless, 5 mm long, rusty red in colour with a flattened body. Young bed bugs resemble the adults. Bed bugs are human parasites and feed on blood. They are mainly active at night and hide in cracks and crevices in walls, beds and furniture and along the folds of mattresses and upholstery during the day. Adults can go without feeding for 80 to 140 days.

What Cannon Pest Management can offer to control Bed Bugs

A thorough inspection is key of successful bed bug management program as bed bugs hide in beds, mattresses,
cracks and crevices in walls, bed frames, wall hangings, picture frames, doors and walls etc.
In Cannon Pest Management we offer chemical and non-chemical treatment methods to control bed bugs.


Non-Chemical method of Bed Bug Management:
Bed bugs die when their body temperatures reach 45°C (113°F). Cannon Pest Management is this nature of bed bugs to control their infestation and increase indoor temperature up to 550C for more than 1 hrs. with the help of an electronic heater. During indoor heating process and give better result temperature more than 10 points are monitored by wireless temperature sensors.

Chemical method of Bed Bug Management:
The bed bugs have tendency to take shelter in beds, mattress, cracks and crevices on the walls, bed frames etc. This treatment consists of a residual spray of water-based insecticidal at possible bed bugs hiding places. Repeated use of a combination of insecticides is recommended for bed bug infestation management.  


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