Do You Think You Have Rat?

Rat and Mice Rats and mice incisors never stop growing in their entire lifetime.
They also need to gnaw continuously to keep their incisors in great shape. This is the first reason they’re considered pests.
Their constant gnawing can cause extensive damage to your home, property, food, furniture, and more.
The rodents live with the man or near the man and are dependent on man are known as commensal rodents.
There are 3 species of commensal rodents which are of most concerned with the pest control professional.

-The House Mouse (Mus musculus)

-The Roof Rat (Rattus rattus)

-The Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)


Problems Associated With Rodents

The reasons why we need to be concerned about rats and mice are as below:

-Damage to the agricultural crops

-Damage and contamination of stored and processed food

-Transmission of diseases: mainly hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Tularaemia Salmonella and plague.

-Structural damage

-Fear of rodents (rodent phobia)(Rodentphobia)



What Cannon Pest Management Offer For Rats and Mice Control

Cannon Pest Management uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to control rodents at your premises.

Rodent management IPM program is based on “4D” principle: 

Deny entry:
Need to close all possible rodent entry points for rats and mice from outside. 
Deny food:
Need to clean food and water source of rats and mice. 
Deny shelter:
Need to remove all possible harbourages for rats and mice  
Rodent baits will be used only on the backside of the exterior of the building and that too in Rodent bait station Boxes, tamper-proof bait stations units.
For indoor control of rats and mice, glue boards will be used.
Advantages of using glue boards are that they are simple to use as no poison baits are used and
the catch can be disposed-off without the dead mouse or rat causing odour/contamination problems from inaccessible areas.
Before undertaking any control measures a thorough inspection should be carried out in and
around the premises to be treated. The object of this inspection is to identify the species and
assess the size and extent of the Rodent population. This information helps in achieving good rodent control practice and arriving better solution. 
Rodent inspection by trained technician
Rodent bait station boxes for outdoor area
Rodent Bait Station for indoor area
Glue boards will be used for indoor area

Why Are Rodents Hard To Get Rid Of?

Most rodents reproduce at alarming rates and can rapidly colonise your ceiling or infest your home. A female mouse, for example, can produce as many as 15 litters of young every year and can fall pregnant as soon as 24 hours after giving birth. Each litter can produce 10 – 12 young, and the females in each litter mature sexually within 6 weeks.

Rodents can also squeeze through very small openings, ½ inch for rats and ¼ inch for mice. These little creatures can survive for very long periods of time without water as much of their water source is derived from their food. Rodents can’t see well, but their sense of touch, smell, and taste are excellent.

They are sensitive to sounds that warn them of danger. Their tails give them a good sense of balance, making them brilliant climbers. Rats and mice leave pheromones (a scented trail) for their friends to follow them. This means they are difficult to track, difficult to dissuade, hardy, smart, and rapidly reproducing pests that carry disease wherever they go. And they’re calling their friends in with a trail of pheromones.

How Can I Keep My Home or Office Rodent Free?

  • Keep your office, home and yard free of piles of debris, leaves, and other rubble at all times. In this way, you will discourage rats and mice from nesting in these warm, dark spaces.
  • Clear up any water and food in and around your home to ensure they do not attract mice to your home.
  • Don’t let your office become a playground for rodents. Keep your bins, kitchen, and bathroom clean.
  • Keep food containers, cupboards, entryways, windows, and any opening leading to the exterior of your home well sealed and maintained. Even a tiny gap can allow rodents in.


In addition to the effective use of chemicals to control rat infestation.
We also have a regular inspection and give you appropriate recommendations to ensure
that the rodents population in the area is reduced as much as possible.


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