Why is it important to reduce cross-contamination in the workplace?

Infectious diseases are transmitted from person to person by direct or indirect contact. Transmission occurs when an infected person touches someone else e.g. handshake. Spray of droplets during coughing, sneezing and even speaking can also transmit the virus to others. Indirect transmission includes airborne transmission, contaminated objects as well as sharing food or water with the infected person.

Understanding how the transmission process and taking the right proactive steps including prevention habits can greatly reduce the risk in cross-contamination and the best prevention of an outbreak of disease.

Mechanism of Cannon Pest Managementsurface and Air Disinfection

Biguanide (PHMB)
will adhere to the phosphate compound of the cell membrane and interfering with the DNA of pathogens, causing germs to die. It can also bind with the DNA of pathogens for interfering with the genetic transcription and destruction of the DNA strands.

Benzalkonium Chloride* (BKC) or Alkyldimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
will react with the cell membranes of the pathogen and break them. This substance has a strong cationic status that can adhere well to fibres materials. It is effective to kill pathogens longer than using alcohol which has no effect after evaporating.

Preparation by customer

  • Shut down the airflow system and unplug all applicants
  • Cover all applicants with a plastic sheet
  • Keep food and drink out of the serviced area
  • People and pets must be evacuated from the serviced area



After the service treatment

  • The site requires a quarantine time of a minimum of 1 hour before commencing ventilation to ensure the efficacy of treatment
  • Open the windows and doors for the airflow minimum of 15 minutes before getting in the area
  • Must clean the food contact material i.e. kitchen utensils - Plates, bowls, glasses, pan, etc…

Cannon Pest Management Surface and Air Disinfection

Surface and Air Disinfection treatment is a full surface and space misting treatment delivering microdroplets solutions to the entire space which is highly effective against Human Coronavirus (CoV 229E, OC43, NL63, HKU10, H1N1 Flu, Bird Flu (H5N1), SARS, MERS and Novel Coronavirus.


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