Fumigation Service

Fumigation is a curative control technique for stored commodities and has thus become an indispensable requirement.
It is lethal to all four stages of stored product insect development i.e. egg, larva, pupa and adult.
Exactly this action of fumigant gases helps to check the spread of unwanted pests from one country to another.


Fumigation is the application of a gaseous chemical to properly sealed cargo/container/community in order to get rid of insect pests.
The most common chemicals used and registered as fumigants in Thailand are Methyl Bromide Aluminum Phosphide and Eco2Fume.
These are restricted and can only be used by licensed and accredited firms.


The art and science of fumigation are highly specialized and technical, requiring a great deal of knowledge,
skill, experience and safety standards. Cannon Pest Management with its strong workforce supported by
technically qualified managers and officers are able to execute fumigation nationwide.

Fumigation as per International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures 15 (ISPM 15) standard for export consignments
This regulation is intended to prevent the spread of quarantine pests associated with wood packaging material throughout the world.
Cannon Pest Management with the largest pool of accredited officers and offices across the country provides you hassle-free fumigation treatment for wood packaging materials for export purpose as per ISPM 15 Standards.

Fumigation of bagged commodities in ship holds and warehouses
Bulk commodities like food grains – wheat, rice, pulses, spices, tobacco, tea, etc., are treated to ensure a pest-free cargo that can be stored and transported with minimum loss. Cannon Pest Management offers fumigations cargo in ship holds at all the major ports for goods, which are often fumigated under sheets, cereals and other plant products in bags. Cereals/spices in cartons, dried fruit and tobacco in boxes are also fumigated by Cannon at exporter and importer warehouses.

Fumigation of commodities in siloes
Cannon Pest Management has acquired great experience in fumigating grain silos and has demonstrated skills and standards in executing fumigation of large-sized grain bins. As specialists in quarantine and food safety issues, Cannon Pest Management can help you initiate a fumigation program or provide fast response and expertise to tackle urgent requirements. Cannon Pest Management is using specially designed phosphine generators for fumigation of siloes with “J system”. The generator is operated outside the storage structure and the Phosphine gas produced is pumped into the structure through the Generator’s recirculation system. The Generator is fully equipped with all safety measures to generate phosphine gas faster than conventional methods and distribute phosphine gas though-out the silo in even volume, which give the best result in managing stored product insects infestations in siloes.

Fumigation of organic commodities
Cannon Pest Management has devised a special procedure to cater to the needs of Organic Produce growers and exporters in the country. Organic produce cannot be treated with normal fumigants and chemical pesticides because of residue issues; therefore, we carry out fumigation with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for such products, in purpose-built steel chambers and undercover in stacks, to take care of the infestation. Cannon has standardized the methodology for CO2 treatments and has proven technology.

What Cannon Pest Management Can Offer?

Cannon Pest Management is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, quality service that reflects our responsibility towards the environment and relies on the safe and proper execution of job on the ground as per Thai Government and international norms for various types of fumigation services. We have a team of professionals who can execute on-time quality service nationwide.


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